JESUS speaks about COVID-19(coronavirus) through his Messenger from Canada

English transcripts  from this Video in French :

Hello everyone, my brothers and sisters around the world!   Today is April 11, 2020, day in the Catholic Church for the feast of Holy Saturday and tomorrow will be Easter when many will gather to celebrate (in family) , especially those who are confined to their homes and for some of My children of the earth, Easter Day will surely be a little sad because they will find themselves alone, a bit like in prison somewhere. Some will be truly alone for Easter.

This annoying virus, as I like to name it, should I say the name! I think everyone around the world knows about this « Covid-19 » virus that is taking its toll. I am talking to you, I look very human in front of you and it’s true, but I do it out of love for my brothers and sisters on earth, out of love for Jesus Christ who is my Savior and yours, and with love for God Our Father. I do it not for myself, neither to glorify myself, nor to seek attention, nor out of pride. I do it only out of love for each of you. May all Heaven bless me and bless the words that I will speak for all of you.

 I do this not for myself, neither to glorify myself, nor to seek attention, or outride. I do it only out of love for each of you. May all Heaven bless me and bless the words that I will speak for all of you.

These words do not come from myself, do not come from my mind, they come from Heaven!

 One day, every human on earth will understand the greatness of the Resurrection of Christ Our Lord — who gave his life for each of us in reparation for all our sins.

I will speak to you with great simplicity in the name of God, three times Holy, who is among us. Without wanting to make headlines, as many media around the world do, I want to tell you about this pandemic, this pandemic which has reached practically disproportionate proportions around the world.

I want to make you think, My children on earth. Yes, this pandemic has killed some of My children; it will take more life from others over the months and years to come.

This pandemic is a curse for My people of God, and a curse which does NOT come from your GOD; it was made by human hands.

My people are being punished somewhat by themselves; but some of you are going to say: how can God allow his loved ones to die. I use existing evil in the world for a greater good — a greater good for the salvation of your souls, a greater good for making you reflect on your lives, on the consequences of your life choices: on the consequences for example of pollution worldwide, on the consequences of your great thirst for money which is not always only for the essentials of survival.

This time of compulsory confinement — practically everywhere on the planet — for many of you, My children, is a time of forced arrest. You can no longer do what you want. You are confined in your homes and because several of you having no more work or compulsory work at home, you have to reorganize. This forces you to think about the meaning of your life, life in the world, life in society!

What you are experiencing is just the beginning! This is just the beginning for the years to come. It will never be the same again! Neither in your families, or in your married life, or at your work for those who will return to work, who are temporarily laid off. No, nothing will ever be the same again. During this confinement, some of you become aware of your miseries. You are even becoming aware if you love your spouse or not, if you love or don’t love your children enough, those who are next to you, nearby.

You can no longer flee! For example, go see shows, or go to the movies! Take part in all kinds of leisure activities! No, you are really homebound! You must be for the common good, you must be for those who are dear to you and for everyone else — your brothers and sisters in the world, those in your city, those in your country. Not easy, for some of you, this confinement that governments have imposed on you. Not as a dictatorship for the vast majority of governments, but have done so for the protection of everyone and the most vulnerable in society.

This time to reflect… is not yet a time for prayer, for many of My children on earth. We prefer to have a little fun at home, so as not to get depressed! We listen to movies, we do a lot of exercises in some cases; we try to occupy the mind! But what will you do when you run out of electricity and are confined? Someday, you’re going to have to really think about it because God will allow it.

Yes, I will make sure everyone knows about silence. The silence that allows you to know all your sins at the bottom of your soul. One day, by this silence, everyone will have to listen to Me — even My deafest children on earth! For I will pierce your soul to your deepest entrails and you will know Me. You will hear My voice, like all those who speak in My name around the world, who are insulted, despised, and whom we ridicule!

One day it will be your turn to hear My voice ring out from the bottom of your heart. And you will mourn — especially those who never believed in Me, your Savior.

Yes, I tell you, this confinement time is only the first!

There will be others around the world. It’s a real war that has started, the war of viruses! The war on pollution, because pollution makes you sick! It keeps you more and more from breathing well! We tried to wake you up! Several of My children have sent you warnings. But who has heard the seriousness of the air pollution situation worldwide? Prepare your masks; you will need them!

You know, life will not be rosy on earth for the young generation and for the elderly! You will be hungry! You will be cold! You will want to cry: but who is this God who leaves us in misery! Where is this God? Yes, soon you will want to cry after your God, the only one who can save you. But will I listen to you! You, My people! I gave you everything, much more than money, much more than material goods, much more than food! I gave you and offered My Love by dying on the Cross… for you!

I speak to each of you, My children. I gave you everything, above all LIFE. What have you done with your life? Have you wasted it? Have you taken advantage of it — to such an extent that your God cannot, can no longer have any place in your life?

If so, how do you want your faith to save you from the miseries that befall you! Faith smaller than a grain of salt is nothing in the ocean. It’s only faith through prayer that can save lives! Who can fight against viruses? We may have all the intelligence in the world, without faith, it is not much; without the wisdom of God, it is not much!!!

My children, by the weight of your sins, you will all end up dying, because you have not only polluted the earth, you have polluted your souls. But you know… as God the Creator of the world, I want to thank the politicians who made certain decisions to fight the pollution regarding the spread of this “Covid-19” virus, which gives me some pleasure. I’m talking about the pollution of souls, here!

Shows are cancelled to prevent the virus from spreading! Too many people to come together to attend, because a crowd would not be good in a context of viruses that can still spread.

What I find great! It’s the cinemas that are closed, the theaters, the concert halls, and the announcement of many, many shows that are cancelled day after day in Quebec and elsewhere in the world! Thus, many of my children will no longer be able to get dizzy! Will no longer be able to be influenced by visual and auditory violence, by all kinds of music also. I dare say it, which are evil. Presenting shows where immorality rages as if everything is normal. But what is wrong will always be wrong in My eyes! What is good will always be… what is good!

You see through the events, because of the compulsory confinement of the “Covid-19” virus. There can be good for your souls! Because your souls can be a little less visually influenced, in an auditory way, in all your senses: by shows, films, certain activities; even prostitutes no longer run the streets.

See! This is what I mean for a greater good: to protect you from a virus, governments are also protecting your souls a bit. I don’t know if they’ve really noticed! In some places, there are small victories through all these events caused by this virus.

We even closed some stores, and lots of public places on Sunday! But alas, My children can no longer go to their parish; practically all places of worship, of faith around the world are also closed. Everyone must pray, or almost all, at home — confined to a warm place, I hope!

It’s not easy, this time of fasting for the Christians of the world. I understand you, My dear children. But I am always with you, do no doubt! I live near the hearts that love me, that pray to me, that believe in me. My children of faith, you know it: I am your Lord, the Light of the world, the King of Nations, who was, yes, who is present among you and who will be… until the end of the world! Yes, I say to you, people of all nations: return to Me, have a contrite heart, look at yourself as you are. No longer despise My words of the Fire of the Holy Ghost, no longer doubt My Presence among you!

Convert, for the hour is coming! The hour is coming! Yes, the time is coming! Of My return, of My Glory, among you!

But before, you will all have to take courage! Yes, take heart! More than with both hands and with all your heart, day after day in front of the events that will be at your door, and which will be more and more disturbing, difficult, unbearable, miserable to live, to see, because in My very great Mercy the time has come for my Father to act, to wake up your consciences more and more, and it will hurt you in the depths of your guts, in the depths of yourself and you will see how you are nothing faced to the power of God, facing the consequences of all your sins that have polluted the earth and your souls.

Yes, one day many will want to pray, to kneel and beg. Yes, come Lord Jesus! Come! We can no longer see all these dead, see our families decimated, see all this violence, to see that we are helpless before all these miseries of the world.

Yes, one day you will say: Come Lord Jesus! Yes, I say to you, you will say: Come, Lord Jesus! You will say, like Me, from the Cross, « Father, why have you abandoned me? » Yes, I tell you: you will suffer a lot, My people, in order to return to your God, to your God of love, who has been begging you for over 2,000 years for you to convert, to have faith. People! Know that I love you all with immeasurable love, you all my children of My Father! Yes, know how much I love you! And that all of My Father’s decisions for his people are only Justice of Love, to save as many souls as possible who would otherwise go, not to heavenly paradise, but to the eternal abyss — to the fires of hell, which I do not advise anyone to find themselves there… after a bad life on earth.

Children of My Father’s Kingdom, wake up! Quickly change your lives! Change your hearts! Give up evil for the good of your souls! Live in God’s love, in the Commandments of your Father! Live according to his Word! Stop going astray! Return to the right path! On the straight path of love, of true life! Thus, you will be happier on earth!

Many have let money, pleasures of all kinds lead their lives, but you know that’s not happiness! You will soon understand it on earth, when you are stripped! Stripped of everything that seems important to you and which in reality is nothing — compared to love, to true love for neighbor and for God, for your God.

The video ends here. I could add, all for the Glory of God. In closing, I invite you to pray with me, all those who have faith, the prayers that I will receive in my heart:

Father Almighty and all loving, Eternal Father of Mercy, Father all Love and of Justice, Father creator of the world, Heaven and earth, Father of infinite Love, Light and Wisdom, we thank you for Your words given to the whole world, even before the coming of Your Son, Jesus, by the first prophets and the prophets of all times. We thank you for the gift of Your Holy Spirit who enlightens the nations, who fills us with Your love, who makes us live in You!

Almighty Father, we your children of the earth, are most grateful to You, for Jesus, Your only Son, who died on the Cross for each of us, poor sinners that we are. We thank You, we bless You for the many graces You have granted us despite our faults, our weaknesses, our fragilities, our lack of love and of gratefulness towards You.

Almighty Father, have mercy on us! Help us! Come deliver your people from all evil! Almighty Father, may Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

This is why we pray to you.

Recite the Our Father…

–  My children of the earth, I bless you and I thank you. Remain in my love! Stay near Me! I will give you My Peace! Pray! Pray! And Pray! Fast and surrender to your God, for I alone can do everything for you! 

Amen, I say to you again: I love you, my children of the earth.

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